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DynamicSquid (4914)

Couple years back when I was still new to programming and learning web I created this thing.

I'm still surprised that I remember this even though I didn't touch JS for years now.

Make sure popups are allowed before you run it xD


ChezCoder (1606)

ok problem, make the popups go to an actual page, why? the page goes unresponsive and google chrome says: hey, these pages are un responsive, quit them all? and closes all of them :/

Also, please, please, please, please, put up some sort of warning in the post description or I will have to flag this post :(

DynamicSquid (4914)

@ChezCoder Oh yeah... sorry about that

AdCharity (1322)

@ChezCoder read the code before you click it. Also plenty of people have made crashing stuff before

ChezCoder (1606)

@AdCharity yeah... i don't really read the code... i kind of just run the project then figure out what parts do what

AdCharity (1322)

@ChezCoder well yeah, but if the second file you see just has like a loop running open window or something similar you know what's up. Happy programming :P