Worlds Hardest Game

Try out user-generated Levels or make your own try not to get too mad if they are hard (they should all be possible) remember to collect coins to pass the level without them you cant move on

ATTENTION: The game looks best when its in another window


Fun Zone


basically just hit keys 0-9 to add blocks

Ball Editor

click to place one but then while your mouse is over the ball hold down the mouse center button and drag this will draw a path for the ball (ball speed is set on creation) to delete a ball just right click

Coin Editor

just click to place one and click mouse center button to delete one

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LOL, I'm trying to finish level one right now...20 minutes later UGGGHHHHHH so hard..... I just noticed the title... sob IT SAYS THE HARDEST GAME EVER!!!!! Bangs his head on a wall


@Gh0stHack3r LoL I tried to beat that level so many times during development too and finally got it after like 30 mins