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Krossy Road
derekwan (206)

This game was developed for educational purposes for Bit By Bit (\). Worldwide high scores aren't available yet, but based on my personal experience of watching other people play, the current record is 429. Have fun!

Hasnainlatif (2)

can you put the code on

ebest (646)


LittleNomster (116)

@derekwan why does it no longer work?

derekwan (206)

@LittleNomster Sorry about that; it should work now


The arrow keys scroll up and down. To prevent this, add this line in your event listener, where you handle up/down arrow events:

Also please check out my game at

derekwan (206)

@GameMaster1928 thanks for the tip! added the code

RafaelEscalante (0)

This is my High score

vedprad1 (922)

Whenver I hit the up arrow button, my page scrolls up. i know that there is a way to prevent this through coding. You might want to consider this?


@vedprad1, the line of code is

RyCanFly (0)

give me the code

ebest (646)

I made it so far!
This is police vs. chicken.

bZ2 (1)
  • 1000 because you can keep going back
lvinwan (303)

I got a highscore of 32 hahaha :P

josephstalin2 (0)

I got to 110. This is really good!

Phi123456789 (0)

i got 1866 through bugs

derekwan (206)

@phi123456789: Thanks for letting me know. Bug has been fixed!

Phi123456789 (0)

@derekwan: unfortunately no the bug still occurs but you just need to move left or right allot an idea i have to fix it is useing a kill-planes to form a box outside the camera to stop the bird from going where the cars are not loaded

derekwan (206)

@phi123456789: Left/right movement has been restricted. Let me know if you find anything else!

derekwan (206)

I added some new power ups to spice things up :)

derekwan (206)

@itbarsoum: Thanks! I'm glad you like it!

andypalan (31)

This game is surprisingly challenging lol. I can't seem to beat 27 hahaha

emilychang (0)

this game is addicting! i keep losing but it's hard to stop playing hahaha

ryderm (0)

222 High Score.

lvinwan (303)

Sick, the new variety of powerups is great - what's possibly better than green, golden, and blue chickens :P

haya (10)

Very cool game. Here is the score board API, adding it to your game will make it much more fun! :

derekwan (206)

@haya: Thank you! I will look into this

derekwan (206)

The game was developed by our group as part of our program to help teach underprivileged kids how to code. Check out the other games developed by our group:

HunterW1 (16)

I died on the green

derekwan (206)

@hunterw1: Ah you probably hit the forward arrow when there was a car immediately in front of you