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Lizzie126 (2)

Hey everyone! It hhas been along time. I had to delete my account, then remake it again, so here I am!
Anyways, I am starting to learn korean, and I thought it might he fun to make a project on what I am learning. I will update every chance I get.
Have funn

junghuckjun (1)

That's a bad word to 입닥쳐! It's a curse!!!

Lizzie126 (2)

@junghuckjun ssory! my Korean is a bit rusty..

zenYATTaGenji (0)

@junghuckjun Want to be freinds ^^
Im new to coding and this maybe you can teach me, kekekekek

zenYATTaGenji (0)

Really! Thank you very much!! @Lizzie126

junghuckjun (1)

나는 간식을 원한다간식 = X 나는 간식을 원한다 = O