! A copy of, remade by me!
HackermonDev (2074)!

Hello, I used the crosis API to successfully create a copy of I have no idea why they didn't do this before but now you can use kind of.

How To Use

To use it, you will need the username of the author of the repl and the repl slug.<username>/<repl> Replace <username> with the username and <repl> with the repl. The default repl on the homepage is @turbio/blinkenlights.


I want some feedback on this, say what you think about it in the comments! Report bugs if you find any! I'm hoping to find a way to get a custom domain for this so it can be easier to use.


  • Added support for many other languages and added run again button
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iocoder (164)

@Kookiez oh, ok. i haven't been on it in a while i just knew about it