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VIRUS KILLER! the game...


note, is laggy, for best experience copy onto a computer
in VIRUS KILLER! the game... you play as a white blood cell in an artery
your job is to kill the diseases in the bloodstream
you can shoot by pressing LMB
turn with A and D
accelerate/decelerate with W and S
your health is indicated with the color of your body
you fight not only against the diseases, but also the janky controls!

(note the enemys arnt technically coronavirus but it still fits the theme of coronavirus prevention)

homing (yellow triangle):
trys to fly towards the player, dies in one hit, deals a small amount of damage

magnet (gray hexagon):
flys at a distance from the player and connects with
other magnets to create large structures that pull the player in, dies in one hit, deals quite a bit of damage

slime (yellow circle):
slowly moves towards player, if another slime comes close enough they merge, shooting it makes it smaller, if its small enough it dies, if you hit it you take damage proportional to its size

power ups:
rapid fire - 5x shoot speed, very laggy due to unoptimised loops

freeze - freezes enemys, they can still turn and kill though

kill - kills nearby enemys

"whats that little green number?"
how long you have been alive, if its green then it means you are setting a personal record

also currently you cant see kills or anything, there isnt even a menu

3 years ago
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