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Key System [0.0.1]
TheHooliganKing (3)

Key System - TheHooliganKing


Want to create a more realistic and easily readable/accessible username and password system? With this Key System, you can store data and access it at anytime by getting into on the Key Information you set it with! Each key auto creates data in the datastore system.


The Usage is a fairly simple process with creating the key and executing it's usage is listed within the actual Module and really can be easily learned. I do admit the way the system works is a bit more different than a regular and average Class module. This system however automatically configures everything for you and makes it an easy player data storing system.


TheHooliganKing - Programmer

CookieSnowOwl (41)

vxVo38hHJ key doesn't exist yet.

TheHooliganKing (3)

That was my own key in the test, it was there to show you how to access the keys yourself.

CookieSnowOwl (41)

doesn't work. Line 75...