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JamesGordon1 (151)

This program will flood a server with bots and i will never stop unless you kill it.

ch1ck3n (2365)

This actually works, amazing!


can u fix this please. I really want to spam my class with this guy

JamesGordon1 (151)

@poetaetoes I curently am working on this:

It is currently in its beta phase tho so expect some errors

DepthStrider (17)

Bro I just realized I can use this chromium browser thing to access blocked sites at school!!!!!!!!!!

EekulD (15)

Absolutely amazing! Tysm!

Edit: Kinda broken now, doesn't put the code in, just spams null for the same amount of chars as the code

MasonPinson (1)

can you make one for gimkit

EekulD (15)

@MasonPinson Why are you replying to me for this?

JamesGordon1 (151)

@EekulD Yes i recently have been made aware of this and I currently am working on a revamped version of this:

aa2252920 (10)

I have a better one :/

YeetsaJr (20)

@JamesGordon1 How do you get the chromium thing in python? All I want is just chromium, how can I do that?