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Kahoot Spammer!
badst (655)

Spam Kahoot Games with bots.
Note: Not my fault you get in trouble or something using this tool.


AutoPlay: The bot/bots will automatically play the game by choosing a random answer.
LiveUpdates: It'll display info like when a bot joins, leaves, answered a question, or when the quiz starts/ends.
Spam: uh. ye. Kahoot tends to kick some bots due to high join rates, but you can just spam the game with more!
Other stuff: tell me what to add.

BTW I used kahoot.js.

DepthStrider (10)

i fricked a class with this

awdrgyjil1234 (28)

great actually works.

YeetsaJr (20)

@pepelaugh It refused to connect to the site so I can't open it



zplusfour (887) refused to connect...?

DepthStrider (10)

lmao gonna use for school kahoots ;-;

maxina (46)

bookmarked, will use at school lol

tyskidmore90 (0)

It broke for me and won't work. :(

hsa0000 (0)

how do u use this?

badst (655)

@hsa0000 go and enter the values.
Game Pin: Game Pin of kahoot game
Numbers of Bots: Number of bots you would like
Bot Name: Bot name.


NoNameByProgram (198)

oh crap it returned EMFILE

TsunamiOrSumth (555)

yay! all the chrome web store extensions stopped working for me ; - ;

TsunamiOrSumth (555)

@pepelaugh rip it stopped at 1205... pls fix

badst (655)

@TsunamiOrSumth also- kahoot will limit your requests after 1000 bots or so. Just reload or change the name, and send more.

badst (655)

@TsunamiOrSumth Yeah, EMFILE means that os is denying the script to make more sockets. IDK how to fix that for now.

Edit: Actually, I think it might be the kahoot server that's doing that.