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Just realized I have been on for almost a year!

So I just realized that I have been on for somewhere around year. Now if you investigate you might see that my account was NOT created over a year ago. So here is a breif history of what happened:

March 2020: I started coding cause why not

Somewhere around September (or was it august?): I got hacked, my old account go bye bye. Squirrel777 was born. And secured literally all my accounts with 2 factor authentication.

January 2021+ I stopped posting for a while and coded other things. Started using VS code more often.

So I wanted to code an anti-rick roll extension to prevent rick rolls. You can even remove and add URL's! This isn't my most impressive project, but I just wanted to save it for my 1 year coding special! Everything else is on the github so go check it out there!

I would have had like 300-400 cycles by now if it weren't for my old account getting hacked!