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Jeydin21 (104)

It's blank because index.html is empty. The developer must've deleted it or something and couldn't re-code it.

CrystalCar010 (0)


rishabhsahoo1 (0)

scored 70 on first try too easy

Case_Buttitta (43)

This is hard my highes was 7

CyanCoding (2132)

Awesome, just got 38.

Ralzerz5 (0)

SMD, played this all english and got 33

sj42 (38)

@ralzerz5: I didn't think that was possible

heckerman100 (0)

You might want to put a epilepsy warning just in case

Marc07 (1)

This is stupid.


I keep scoring 0, I think the high score 33 is fake. even 1 is impossible!

That_one_guy (145)

@zhangyezhouyez: If that is happening, click on the board. It is because the space bar is pressing a button

freddyamarsden (28)

Give a better description as to how to play

Nosrep (12)

@freddyamarsden: press space bar to jump

That_one_guy (145)

What should I do next?

ArchingWolf (0)

@thatoneguy: You should add a leader board for each type of game mode or show the top 3 scores

Hex_Offender (0)

How do I give this a thumbs up?

Shinyy (7)

I think this needs a seizure warning for the extreme mode.

Nosrep (12)

any ball size besides normal will kill you when you jump

Brandaboss (87)

@nosrep: I got past 1 extreme by jumping

Brandaboss (87)

I mean large
but I have done extreme

That_one_guy (145)

@nosrep: When u press the spacebar, it presses the last button u clicked also which makes you restart. Click on the board to fix it

Kristiancovic (0)

the jump height for the red box is poor.
can you improve jump height because it impossible to avoid ball currently

gonge (0)

this is quite impossible, can you guys actually make it over one circle?

Zach_Crandall (7)

@gonge: Use arrow keys to make the square move around

sourabh3110 (0)

@gonge: no i couldn't.please anyone tell me how guys managed to score

gvanminsel (4)

@chasehicks: if you are going to be derogatory leave

Gerad_B (1)

@gonge: you have to get a running start to jump over the first few

haya (9)

How to play this game? is there any instructions ?

amasad (3339)

@haya: you just avoid the circles to not die and you gain points

haya (9)

@user23802991: I think there should be an easy version

Chase_hicks (1)

@haya: i think its because you stupid

JianguoJin (0)

@haya: space is jump, and you can use right and left to control the square.

Coder4 (8)

It's very easy to pass 400

smwhalen94 (12)

I think something is broken. I got 343 on Extreme mode