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Js: simple platformer!
SeamusDonahue (458)

I made a simple platformer game in js.
I did this to experiment with the language and see how making a game in js (with no "libraries") works.

so I make a platformer using just canvas

wad to move (w being jump)
like the console says you are free to fork and mod as you like but please leave the credit text at the top in.

if you wish, you can put this in your website using the "official version" and any updates I decide to make using <script src=""></script>

thanks for reading/playing, have a nice day!

QuickV (130)

Nice :D... The only level I can't beat is the "secret" one ;D

SeamusDonahue (458)

lol thats not even really a level its just an easter egg, the game has to end at some point and the goal is there because its a constant so I can't not include it. @QuickV

QuickV (130)

Is that one actually beatable lol, or is it just there to distract people ;D @SeamusDonahue

SeamusDonahue (458)

like I said without cheating via inspect element it is not, the T H X level is supposed to be the end but the secret level is just a nice easter egg for those who figure out how to beat the thx level @QuickV

ch1ck3n (2388)

the closest you can ever be frrom falling

SeamusDonahue (458)

your < 1 pixel on the ground... very nice! @ch1ck3n