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optimistguy (24)

Welcome to Josh²

He is just like me (but better). Tomorrow will be a big update to this bot.


Total Command: 66++


+On Youtube

Change Logs

17.11.18: The Bot Now Has Been Updated with 10 new commands
18.11.18: The Bot Now Has Been Updated with six new commands

24.11.18: Bot now have over a good code clean up.

Thanks, upvote this bot if you think this is cool. Leave me a comment for some suggestions.

optimistguy (24)

Codes is updated for reading. Now you can run commands in dms and groups. It now support multiple prefixes and custom server settings too!

optimistguy (24)

Sign Bunny! This is not a war ;D.



optimistguy (24)

4 new commands added. Also

Testimonials (OMG OMG OMG...)