Image Hosting Service on!
MarcusWeinberger (774)

This is a fairly simple yet over-complicated image hosting service.

Located at: (web interface)

Here's an example:

it can also be used from the command line! (untested)

curl -F ‘[email protected]/to/local/file’

I will briefly explain some potentially confusing parts: This is a custom client for that I wrote, it lets you store large amounts of data easily, if you want, you can copy it and use it in your own projects. The reason I needs to use this is because doesn't let you save files when running in project mode so this allows for persistence. This is a simple client I wrote for my own service while testing

form.html: This is a very, very simple web page that allows the user to upload an image. It contains a special variable that tells the server to redirect the user to the URL that the image is located at, because from the terminal you just want it to return the URL, and not the data. It is served as the index of the page.

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