[GAME] Directing Sim (Alpha)

Directing Sim is a realistic and fun game for those who have always wanted to unleash their inner Film Maker, and now you have the chance.
Began making the films of your dreams, building up your fanbase, as well as watching your rise to fame.
Select actors to hire, and Studios to work with!

This is just the Alpha of Directing Sim, and we are planning on adding many more features and updates for you, the players. We are currently looking for feedback and suggestions, and will be releasing an update soon.
Cheers! We hope you enjoy.

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@JonKali Hmm, ok, here's a few I was thinking about
1. Maybe a category in the pricing section that will raise the popularity depending on how much you spend
2. More ways to spend your money
3. Easier to get fame
4. More drastic changes in genre popularity
5. Different character choices depending on genre (like adding the character in love with you protaganist in the romance genre

The film descriptions are the best, especially Dreamworks lmao