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globgram (1)

I wanna develop an application that can help save the world. Like helping solving global warming, natural disasters, etc. But it's not gonna be easy. That's why, I'll choose some random people to join. If ya wanna join, put your reason for joining and what languages you know. I'll pick 4 people to join :)

sdl3 (0)

I want to join because i want to have a safer place for everyone to live.

skills: html, css, python

KrshyBshy (9)

create an app thats able to track your carbon footproint during the day. for example, detect when ur driving a car when theres increased momvement lol. ur going to need a lot of code for that.

globgram (1)

@KrshyBshy ye, that'll be difficult

charzard (0)

@KrshyBshy this you cant do on replit.

charzard (0)

I would like to join because who wouldn't want the place where we live to be a better place.

I can code in html, css and python.