Three Ways
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Hello !
This is my three ways game. You can move the ball with k, l, and m or arrows. Press enter to play and retry. It's better to play in a new tab. I hope you will enjoy it.
I'm still working on it, so it's not finished. I will add a system to change the size of the game on the screen, change the menu screen, and add a config to move with the arrows. You can tell me if you find bugs or things to improve.
If the screen is oversized, you can go to this link :
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Now available : gold rush ! Go on the paddle to earn gold !
Have fun !
(Sorry for my bad English, this game comes from France ;)

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CalsonLee (9)

@JohnnyWobble The nested while loop is unnecessary. You could use try/except to try doing int(input("What is your age:")). Then, if the user enters something like "end", there will be an error which will trigger the except. In the except, put break. If you're confused, try looking through the documentation.