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🕑 Digital Clock 🕑 - A Simple Clock (Inspired)!
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🕑 Digital Clock 🕑 - A Simple Clock (Inspired)!


Hi, Replit Community! Thanks for all your support (on my tutorials, recently)! Switching gears, I made a simple digital clock 🕑 today, inspired by one that I have! It's made in Pygame (Python), and I hope you enjoy it! Here's a sneak peak at it.

Screenshot 2021-08-08 10.29.04 PM

How I Made It

First, I downloaded a Alarm Clock font from Google Fonts. Then, I uploaded the font onto the repl and imported pygame. I then made a write_text function, and I just wrapped it up with fancy styling.


Please enjoy this repl! If you have any additional questions, comments, compliments, concerns, or anything that is relevant to this post, please comment below.

Note: All times shown here are in PST Time (Pacific Standard Time).

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Looks great!