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JavaScript Snake
noahcapucilli_shata (83)
This is snake, the arcade game. You play with WASD or the arrow keys, and can change some settings by hitting the setting button.

RyanBridgforth (0)

This is really cool!

amjad123 (2)

Wow, this is my go to snake game now

sie (2)

@amjad-masad: Are you the one who created

amasad (3355)

@sie: yeah I'm one of the founders but we're a team. Happy to answer any questions :)

HackermonDev (2011)

@amasad Do you accept young developers in to help bring to the next generation? Also page doesn't work

amasad (3355)

@AppliDev is a terminal page. Try loading it again. And yes we do take interns.

haya (9)

wow love it 😍. I kept playing on and on :)

JavacoderZ1 (0)

I play this game everyday nice job

quockhanh (8)

it is cool but you should add the border . It's just like John Cena , no ones sees that

JSer (84)

Cool, and it's better to add e.preventDefault() in the keydown event listener

haya (9)

my highest score is 25 anyone scores high?

illuminati666 (0)

This is really impressive. I can barely convert a string to a float...

loganferreri (0)

can somebody teach me how to make this game

DerpyChicken456 (4)

This is awesome! Although it's HTML >:|