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Dating sim idea test
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Me and my friend James had an idea for a dating simulator. We only have one character, and her route is much shorter than what it will actually be, but we wanted to share it anyway. It's currently set up with if-else sections, and the prompt/question is set up with a variable to make it look just a tad nicer. We were originally going to do a list like thing for the prompts and such, but we couldn't figure it out in time. If you have any suggestions we would love to hear them!

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James here, Z is a big dummy and didn't put how to play, and can't figure out how to edit it to add them either >:(
No worries, so like, at the first pop where it asks for you desired name, you obviously put your name and hit enter, no worries, and then from then on if it has numbers you must type the number that you want. We couldn't figure out how to get it to loop back if you put in an invalid option so it just kinda kicks you out. We tried to program it so it would stop the code but we were half successful with that. ANYWAY it is very important that when you see "1). hab whatever" that you type the number, for instance there a "1". No quotation marks, though, or it won't work either, and you'll have to restart and sit through all of it again