3D Physics Simulator using the Godot Engine!
AtriDey (189)

I've had a lot of fun with Godot. First, I got familiar with GDScript and made a moving character. Then, I improved that initial character and also interacted with physics objects.

Now, I've made my first useful program. The same character can now plow into 3D shapes with accurate physics simulations.

Want more? For those of you with more... powerful computers, I've made another physics simulator, this one designed especially to be mean to @DynamicSquid, which can be downloaded here. I can make Mac and Linux versions if you need, but I doubt I'll have to.

As a challenge, try pushing the objects into the void. The best method is to glitch them through the unproportionately thick and overlapping walls that do nothing, apparently. You can try pushing over them, but this is no easy task; I was too lazy to add a roof but the walls are pretty high.

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AtriDey (189)

@JacksonPhilips Yep, it's pretty simple
1. Export to HTML5
2. Make a HTML, CSS, JS repl
3. Copy the html, js, pck, and wasm files to repl.it
4. Delete the default script.js
5. Copy and paste all code in the new html file to the default index.html and delete the other HTML file

As for drag and drop, maybe I'll eventually figure it out, but for now I can't even move the camera. That's a good idea though, once I can actually use Godot to its full potential, I can make a whole game on that!