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tether! | Swing Around a Ball of Destruction!


tether! Swing Around a Ball of Destruction!

tether! is game where you wreck as many enemies as possible using your tether, however if an enemy touches your ball then you get obliterated! This game has full mobile and offline support, designed as a progressive web application! This is my group's end-of-the-year project for our CS class.



How to Play

Click (or tap) on the ball and drag it around! Use the motion of the ball and tether to destroy each of the enemies, the Drifter, the Eye, and the scariest of all... the Twitchy.


  • Fast Load Times
  • Polished, Unique Graphics (no third party libs)
  • Vibin' Background Music
  • Full Mobile Support
  • Offline Support
  • Custom Made Everything
  • Progressive Web Application

Login Streaks

A new feature is login streaks! Try logging in after 24 hours and watch as your tether changes colors! Reach a 10 day login streak for a special surprise :D.


Need to step out for a few to grab a bite, but have a really high score? Then the new pause feature is for you! Simply click the pause button (which does drag the tether) or hit the P key on your keyboard to pause the game!

tether! is on Youtube!

The vibin' background music you hear is now available to hear on Youtube! Check it out, and chill to it! Please give me a thumbs up if you like it and tell us in the comments what's your best score!

🔥 New Better Offline Support

Before I used some outdated, depreciated Internet technology to keep this game running offline, but no longer! Welcome to the world of true PWA's with the inclusion of new offline service workers tether can now be played without any Internet in offline mode!

🔥 New Updated URL

After looking for some new hosting solutions I decided to go with Firebase to host tether! In addition to the lengthy Replit URL you can also find tether at Firebase also allows me to also add in some new upcoming changes...


The first few levels are tutorials, after a few rounds with each character you'll enter an endless wave so be prepared.

Keep an eye on enemies spawning in (the circles with their position), they will charge at you blazing fast after it!

Don't let your tether go wack! If you move it around too much, it becomes uncontrollable and you have an awful time dealing with Eyes.

Instead of charging a Twitchy head on, wait for it to run out of fuel and then destroy it.


Here are the top five scores! Comment below with a picture of your highest score to be added to the leaderboard (and keep in mind this is a small community game, don't bother cheating).

  1. @haha0201
  2. @RayhanADev
  3. @omaewashendieru
  4. @Aceminion
  5. Coach Nothe (136)

Last Update: May 27th at 3:15 PM UTC-6



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