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JalenDavis1 (265)

WELCOME TO JUMANJI! Prepare yourself for a wild adventure. Please write all responses using the same capitalization as the options.

LegendaryWolf (574)

This needs to deserve a 1000 upvotes! Please upvote this guys!

LegendaryWolf (574)

Just don't know why ppl upvote this comment but do not reply...


How do you upvote... I don't really know @LegendaryAlpha

IAmNew1234 (10)

u gotta press the number next to the name......

JBloves27 (1901)

Just a question, why is it that so many of the upvoters have ZERO cycles and ZERO repls/bios?

FlaminHotValdez (715)

@JBloves27 They do have repls from a long time ago, my bet is that this guy uses repl for coding classes and begged his classmates/friends to upvote.

tussiez (1676)

@JBloves27 Yeah, they look like this person's classmates.



tchian316 (4)

I think you could code much more efficiently if you used other functions like a while loop or .lower() but good game.

2020587 (2)

Also some for loops ;)@tchian316

NeilBhaduri (72)

My god. This is 1700+ lines of code. My highest is 966 lines of code. Only downside is that the game crashed when I went to the beach, it ended with me getting 20xp, but still, the game idea is great!

gameprogammer (6)

@NeilBhaduri your no match for me my highest was 1956 i think or less or more

NeilBhaduri (72)

@gameprogammer what do you mean guess it by your name

gameprogammer (6)

@NeilBhaduri gamePROGRAMMER for the 100 people screaming right now YES i know i spelled it wrong.

gameprogammer (6)

@NeilBhaduri Check out my challenge post

Baconman321 (1103)

@gameprogammer Flex.

Ahem: 2622 lines in one file, over 3000 total (for a project).

And srsly: lines of code doesn't matter!.

You could legit minify all of your code down to 1 line and it could be beautified to like 60k lines (actually, there pretty much is no limit to how much you could put in one line, only how much the beautifier could handle before it crashed).

FranklinStopar (18)

@NeilBhaduri You programming teacher always told me its not about size, its about efficiency...and then he realized he was talking to a bunch of 14-16 year olds and saw we all had dirty minds and gave us a wink...

gameprogammer (6)

@Baconman321 Not really trying to flex, But i am just sharing my highest score of line and i agree to what you said.

PlazmaDolphin (0)

@FranklinStopar yeah, the real thing thats impressive is minimizing as much as possible

Baconman321 (1103)

@Whippingdot I do hate it when I get "programmers block" and just stare off into space and scroll up and down while my family is thinking I am a nerd reviewing my code XD.

I hate it when I'm just glossing my eyes off into my backyard and scrolling up and down thinking what to do because I want to get all the little things done which don't exist before I get the big things tackled...



@NeilBhaduri my highest is around 10000 (hello world in 10000 lines(

Baconman321 (1103)

@Whippingdot When you stare off into space instead of coding because you just can't focus...

Whippingdot (675)

I do that with studying... @Baconman321

Baconman321 (1103)

@Whippingdot Nah, studying is EZ (kinda).

The only problem is coding.

As much as I love science, I find coding to be much more logical (at least, at the current skill level I am at with science. When I go to college and study quantum mechanics, I bet I will deem it 10x harder than coding).

Sara3015 (5)

@gameprogammer 🤦🤦🤦🤦 everyone so dumb here

Whippingdot (675)

why? Stop being rude! I am VERY smart @Sara3015

gameprogammer (6)

@PlazmaDolphin I don't minimize it will look like i put no effort into it.

gameprogammer (6)

@AJDevelopment good for you. Thats all i have to say

RhinoRunner (864)

@gameprogammer HAHA i have had ~20,000 lines of code!
they were all blank beat that!

DemetrioGarcia1 (1)

@Sara3015 the joke on your bio is dumb tbh

GhostKing007 (142)

@Whippingdot - You all are very smart and very good coders...but you're all just straight out weird, no offense. The doge/froge guy gets angry and says -1 frend because he's getting hate, then you be like 'No you still moi bred!' so you really can't blame us for thinking so :)

Whippingdot (675)

bred = friend I speak in a slang... @RhinoRunner knows 😁 I will make a translator soon @VulcanWM @GhostKing007

RhinoRunner (864)

@Whippingdot yeh you have your own language

FlaminHotValdez (715)

@GhostKing007 Look, I'm CRAZY and NUTS, but not WEIRD. >:(

-Leo Valdez

NeilBhaduri (72)

@FlaminHotValdez you read Percy Jackson too? I loved it.

FlaminHotValdez (715)

@NeilBhaduri yeah, but I've kinda moved on. I finished throne of glass after Percy Jackson and now I'm reading Keeper of the Lost Cities

NeilBhaduri (72)

Oh. Well, I finished most of the books, I am on the 4th Book

stackoflimewool (10)

what even is this thread lmfao

GhostKing007 (142)

@Whippingdot ok...if bred is friend, then is piza best friend??? (it should be)

GhostKing007 (142)

@FlaminHotValdez Of course, I'm sorry, I must have gotten my synonyms wrong -

X24 (30)

@Baconman321 You and me both, apart from the fact that I apparently know things that I should be learning a few years down the line.

AUnoReverseCard (5)

@gameprogammer your no match for me my highest was around 2910

BananaJellyfish (210)

Look at how many have 0 cycles...intriguing...

AUnoReverseCard (5)

bruh this is horrible

MikeJMS8910 (234)

I cant be the only one who noticed how many people who upvoted just have 0 total upvotes

BananaJellyfish (210)


So i try to run and get eaten. But then, i fall again, right on top of the crocodile, and ot eats me again? This is exactly shelly's character! Also, i only lost two lives but cant do anything? Maybe shellys too fat

LegendaryWolf (574)

If I eat myself will I get twice as big or disappear completely?

SilvermoonCat (458)

What am I supposed to do after I’m in the beach? It just sayas “watch your surrounds” and stops running.

Goodgamer136 (1)

I don't understand this game

thefallN (1)

i think that a lot of the randint stuff could be stuffed in a function and obstacles could maybe be put in class or smth idk

Code1Tech (106)

I recommend using .lower() so the capitalization doesn't matter

>>> name = input("What is your name?").lower()
What is your name?
>>> print(name)

Same for uppercase.

>>> name.upper()
>>> print(name)

Hope this will make things easier for you and everyone else.

UnluckyFroggy (825)

@LegendaryAlpha edit his post from 100 to 1000!

UnluckyFroggy (825)

What is up my fellow JUMANJI-ers?!

FlaminHotValdez (715)

@UnluckyFroggy What is up my non-fellow SPAMMERS?!


You should use .lower() to prevent case sensitivity because it'll be converted to lowercase and you can just compare it against the option in lowercase. Here's an example:

string = "DGEOGDUHEHL"
if (string == "dgeogbduhehl"):
   # Code Here
Tomodachi94 (0)

Came here to say this, @AJDevelopment beat me to it.

Nanowrimoijk (64)

I really think this has potential, but it does need work. You're probably working on it as a type this but the game ends if you choose an invalid direction, plus it didn't do anything when I entered "s" as the character name.

SilvermoonCat (458)

@JalenDavis1 for the inputs just add .lower() or .upper() or whatever so it matches
And why did the code end when I ran from scorpions?

MaciahLawson (32)

How long did it take to make this?

FlaminHotValdez (715)

There are an awful lot of people that upvoted this that have 0 posts and 0 comments, and a good amount of them also have 0 repls. Are you asking classmates to upvote? You're not allowed to beg for upvotes y'know

FrancisPan (43)

@FlaminHotValdez Hey, I used to have that (0) thingy, and I had comments.

FlaminHotValdez (715)

@FrancisPan yeah but that many of them? he's probs just begging his classmates

FrancisPan (43)

@FlaminHotValdez does anybody really have that many classmates?

FlaminHotValdez (715)

@FrancisPan Or just his grade. Or his friends. Or his friends' friends. You get what I mean, hundreds of people's usernames who upvoted this post is just their first name and their last name, they all have 0 posts and 0 comments.

maxina (65)

huh what is this yet it has this many upvotes

funcity333 (0)

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ShobhitSharma4 (2)

I can't even play this game

ShobhitSharma4 (2)

This game sucks literally

ShobhitSharma4 (2)

dude this game is the worst I am unable to even play it

Kookiez (406)

@ShobhitSharma4 don't say negative stuff like that, say "it doesn't work, maybe so and so is wrong, i think this would improve it". give constructive criticism please

NeilShah1 (4)

Needs Some Work, Set Up A Else Function If The User Enters Something Wrong