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thyncAPI: A theme sync API for you!

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The one and only thyncAPI. Used for thync projects


This was originally created just for the thync Bot, a discord bot that syncs with thync. However, I do think this could be more handy in other sub-projects, so I created this a bit more detailed and etc. Some of the code is used from Reflux, a project and module created by frissyn and CoolCoderSJ. However, this issue and suggestion came up, so I decided to create this. thync has also become sub-projects and a major project.

thync has not come out yet, this is just thyncAPI.

Using it

To use it, as of right now, you have to open up this, and then to use it in python, do the following:

import requests res = requests.get("") data = res.text print(data)


import requests res = requests.get("") data = res.content print(data)

You can either print or return, depending on how you'll use it. Then copy the code, make a bookmark, and paste in the url/link. Then click the bookmark when you are on Replit. You're all set!

Suggestions and contribute

To leave suggestions, just leave a comment or a PR. To contribute, leave a PR or an issue to ask.


I hope you enjoy using this API! See you on the next (thync) post!

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