Hi! And welcome to one of 2, of my 100 cycle special projects!

I have been working hard on this for the past week, and I would love to show it to you!

This is a jest clone, meaning that a lot of the syntax has been taken from Jest. But, since I just can't copy Jest, and wanted to make a unit tester to help me make a milestone on my journey to becoming a JS dev, I needed to have something different.

So what I did, is I took the syntax from Jest and made it a little bit more beginner-friendly, and made types a lot easier(in my opinion) to use and look at!

Here is a jest example:

And in ChitChat:

You see the difference!

ChitChat works best alongside jest!


I won't accept contributors, cause this is me learning js, but if I know you, and want you on the project, maybe you'll be invited!

But if you have your heart set on contributing, you can leave suggestions in this GitHub repo!


  • My Brain, for punching me in the stomach until I did this
  • @darkdarcool(myself), for doing this
  • @RayhanADev, for helping me with the function in the TestCase function
  • @Coder100, for showing me my stupidity and helping with the CLI


Thanks for reading this. If you wanna use this, go ahead. This does not replace jest. I worked hard on this and hope you try it out. If you wanna learn more, go to the docs.

If you want to try this, in the terminal do:


Pssst, if you wanna look at the source code, go here
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Yas, I think. All it does is compare the array you give it. You would need to give it the array you want. And it is strict with types, and it can compare: