If you're bored... Flappy Bird! (Works on mobile.) (And has a highscore.)
PowerCoder (741)

If you're bored in quarantine, here's a fun and addicting game for you.

Cool features:

  • Highscore system
  • Good graphics

How to play:

To jump up press the spacebar.
The goal is to dodge the pipes. If you get hit by the pipes, it's game over for you.
Another way you can die is by touching the grass.
If you still don't get how to play go here: click-me.


  • DigitalRipple:noice.
  • Iterate:this is amazing.


  • Changed the collision detection
  • Added an actual game-over screen

Have fun :D

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amasad (3536)

It's not working on my phone. It says I'm dead before I see any pipes.

PowerCoder (741)

@amasad If you touch the ground it's supposed to say you're dead. Also, I'm glad you're checking out my game.

KobeFF (1272)

@PowerCoder No offense, but when I'm like 10 feet away from a pipe, I smash into it and the game's like you died but I was still like 5 feet away from the pipe. You should fix the hitboxes.

Imthebestthe (108)

@KobeFF Firstly. (This is gonna be controversial) METRIC SYSTEM IS BETTER!.
Secondly, where did you get your profile pic?

KobeFF (1272)

@Imthebestthe No way! I live in the U.S, so I use imperial system. And also, I have no idea where I got it...

PowerCoder (741)

@KobeFF Ya. Sorry. IDK why it does that. I'll ask the Repl- talk-ask.

KobeFF (1272)

@PowerCoder I know a little bit of HTML5. Maybe I can help...

PowerCoder (741)

@KobeFF You can try to help by going here: click me

Imthebestthe (108)

@PowerCoder @KobeFF. I DONT BELIEVE IT! METRIC IS THE BEST! also are you sure you don't know where you got it. Thirdly I live in the UK(proper British) so I like metric

Imthebestthe (108)

this is what it means to be British

ZacPlayz (64)

Lmao I live right now in the Balkans tho I'm born in da UK but I still use the metric system... :3 @KobeFF

KobeFF (1272)

@Imthebestthe I was born and am currently living in the U.S, so it's natural that we use the Imperial system.

Imthebestthe (108)

@KobeFF I wonder what it's like in us
that rely nice! Btw, if you can't tell, that was just a joke. Imperial has its good side. Metric is easier to learn.