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It's My Birthday!!
Coder100 (18873)

It's my Birthday!!

Today is my birthday!! Yay!! I turn <x> years old, and I created a little celebration project for it!


This was like a continuation from last year's project, and I think it's a great way to show the evolution of my coding progress, did it get better?

Also, you can check out my github (maybe give some stars?? 😏)


Cookie cake :))
Because they are in high demand, each person only gets half of the remaining cookie. The first person gets 1/2 of the cookie, the second person gets 1/4 of the cookie, and so on. So be quick!


  1. Log in (you don't even have to use replit, you can just type in your username!)
  2. Write me a card!
  3. Obtain a special cookie!!


Cards actually now wrap around instead of make a continuous long slideshow. Idk, was it really worth it? Also, cards don't interfere with each other anymore, sorry about that! Thank you to everyone who wrote me a birthday card!

Also guys I got an apple watch!! Poggers!!!


Have a great day!!

OldWizard209 (1603)

This great and all but when I clicked your profile something real sus happened:

JakeHu2020 (32)

@OldWizard209 lol I accidently got -2 once

OldWizard209 (1603)

BTW, Happy Birthday to you. And is your real name "Junhao Zhang"?? @Coder100


@Coder100 it is boi

JakeHu2020 (32)

@OldWizard209 @Aphmeta I don't think cookies have names, because you eat them before you think about naming them, like santa.

QuickV (80)

how does that actually happen lol... I've gotten -1 before too 🤔 @OldWizard209

EdwardBentler (39)

@OldWizard209 I've had it happen twice so I can explain:
But I'm bad at explaining so I'll just tell you that it happens when you get a notification while you're computer/laptop is sleeping or turned off with a Replit page is open. Then when you check your notifications without reloading the page it gives you the negative.

jihhyuu202 (14)

when you're so late you get 1/infinity of the cookie

kannibalistic (104)

hacking is the way to go XD

OldWizard209 (1603)

hacking ≠ changing inspect element. @kannibalistic

kannibalistic (104)

i missed it completly

Coder100 (18873)

*cue car explosion* @kannibalistic

kannibalistic (104)

@Coder100 btw i didn't didn't send those trash cards look at the ones i actually sent to you

Coder100 (18873)

@kannibalistic lmao i know and personally i kinda don't care

kannibalistic (104)

@Coder100 happy birthday anyways! hope you like my card!

firefish (953)

If I'm not wrong, the cookie amount is 2^-n, where n is the total number of cards including your own.

pzrepl (65)


pzrepl (65)

@Coder100 HEHE NP ur CODER100!!!!

bytrzbydh (0)

Not good Can do 100000000000000000000000000000000 times better

Ravost (3)

i was 100th upvoter

nrael (0)

You're a great programmer. Happy birthday!

DSAEvan (27)

@Coder100 NERD bruh one of the biggest REPLITers and only a kid! BTW Happy LATE b-day

AalokaKuruppu (0)

are you the guy that gave me the Java tutorial links?
by the way Happy Bday

duoduobaba (0)

happy late birthday

sojs (352)

Also the styling is really nice

sojs (352)

Wow thats a tiny piece. I cant even see it in the little box. :) Happy Birthday @Coder100!

AdamJerome (1)

For some reason everytime I try to login or write in my username it just doesn't work. Can anyone explain this?

Coder100 (18873)

@AdamJerome server lag
thanks to trolls it's kinda broken

AdamJerome (1)

@Coder100 Oh okay maybe it will work later. Thanks!

pandasforlife (0)

cool but when I pressed log in nothing happened

Whippingdot (678)

oh noes super late HAPPY BIRTDAY

TalinSharma (77)

Happy Birthday! I hope you had a great day!


I guess I was too late. JS and Infinity...

candies (429)

happy 14th birthday. yes, i know.

Coder100 (18873)

but thanks!! :hugs: @candies

Lady3Eyes (0)

i did not excpect an response

Lady3Eyes (0)

Happy Birthday (prob late)

ImmortalFlash (3)

i got only a 1/∞ of the cookie

ImmortalFlash (3)

dont know what that means but ok @Coder100

so you ate all of it