Player vs Enemy
Adora16 (13)

Here is a simple text RPG I made in Python. I will occasionally provide updates.

Note: If you want to experience the game with a dark theme, just open the REPL in a new window.

P.S. If you encounter any errors, please post them in the comments below. Please include either a screenshot or the error message in its entirety. Also, I am open to any feedback you might have about the game, including suggestions on how it might be improved.

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FlaminHotValdez (714)

It crashed when I went to the town and bought a wooden sword. What's up with that?

Adora16 (13)

@maxyang Can you provide the error message?

FlaminHotValdez (714)

@Shemira Error message isTraceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 32, in <module>
File "/home/runner/75o2ydv1omx/", line 7, in buy
AttributeError: type object 'Hero' has no attribute 'ownedWeapons' Maybe you have an ownedweapons or and owned_weapons variable in your hero and you used the wrong variable name?

Adora16 (13)

@maxyang Oh, I changed the name of the variable. I thought I updated all instances of it. Thanks! I will make sure to fix that.

Adora16 (13)

@maxyang Okay, it is fixed now. Thanks for letting me know!