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Introducing Tylet!
candies (435)

What is Tylet?

  • Tylet is an upcoming programming language that can do more!

How do I Install?

Closed for Right Now
Python: import from temple
Node.js: npm install tylet.js

What are the features

Discord Bot MakingAllows you to create discord bots without much code
Website Makingtylet.html allows you to make websites with tylet

And many more features! Launching soon!

P0GCHAMPB0i (54)

If you want to make a tutorial you should of put it in the TUTORIALS button and post it but... its fine with me. But you should show tylet stuff not python but tylet

candies (435)

@B1gB0i this isnt a tutorial because it isnt out yet.

candies (435)

@B1gB0i + this is tylet stuff, there is a tylet file inside of the repl.

P0GCHAMPB0i (54)

@TempleOfCode Oh ok Im just saying if it is because this look like it is for me