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Interesting patterns using turtles (randomly generated)
Kelvin0 (17)

I was just messing around with some shapes and made it possible to randomly generate a new pattern each time. This is also my first program using turtles.

Run the program each time to see a new pattern. Each pattern has a code, and the colour of the pattern is based on this code.

It may take a while for some patterns to finish, and some patterns do not loop back.

DannyIsCoding (698)

Super cool. Satisfying

AgastyaSandhuja (170)

incredible. Some really nice designs!

xolyon (346)

Looks like a demonic crab too me

Kelvin0 (17)

@xolyon Haha, sometimes it will create an odd shape.

xolyon (346)

@Kelvin0 and some really satisfying ones too

Wilke000 (636)

Three Letters W.O.W
I didn't know you could do that in turtle!

Squrril (3)

Me: meh, someone making random shapes with turtle. Been there done that.
Me (a few seconds later): wait... these are... actually really good. Nice work

wulv (61)

The shapes it makes are amazing! Well done! Also, you should make it do something with colors to make the shapes even more spectacular

Kelvin0 (17)

@wulv Thank you! I'll definitely take a look into that idea.



EthanCulp (38)

You should make an option where we can manually enter a code for it, so we can make our own

Kelvin0 (17)

@EthanCulp That's a good idea, I will work on it.


Very cool!