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Instagram Safe Follow Acceptor

<p></>3:14</i>. Safe auto acceptor for Instagram. The delay is 3 seconds so you do not get Terms Of Service banned.

with this bot you can also see how many requests you have once done accepting all...

if you know anyone who needs this please send around the community, Thank You.</p>


I love Instagram. At first, I didn't really like the idea of sharing just photos with strangers. And then I realized that I could fulfill an old dream with his help and start selling my paintings. I created a page and tried to design it according to all the design rules. But there were not very many subscribers. Then I started actively advertising and promoting the page. For more audience coverage, I decided to buy subscribers. I found and it really works.


I don't know with all of you noticed, but lately, Instagram is making some strange updates, and also it has several bugs. I was reading the other day on, and sometimes I even don't understand their decisions. Especially for big pages with thousands of followers, it might be wrong to remove the likes number. I mean, from another point, it might be a genuine thing because people lately are running for likes and followers, and in this way, it will be a peace installed on social media.


Thanks for the info!


Social media plays a role today. For a long time I could not promote my account on Instagram. My friend once advised me to go to the site and find out how I can quickly make my pages popular. Thanks to likes and followers, page reach has grown. And my work went better.


I just created a new page on Instagram. and I think it will come in handy.


Where do I have to insert my account?