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DaBadWolfz (24)

InitOS is a "mock" operating system that can be used to manage warehouse inventories.

Multi-word or Single-word items can be added to the warehouse inventory through the use of terminal commands.

Features List:

  • Items can be added or purged from the inventory.
  • Item quantities can be modified.
  • The warehouse inventory is written to a .txt file to save progress.
  • Check how much storage (in Bytes) your Inventory is taking up.
  • +More

Developed By:

Whippingdot (561)

I have no idea what an invenory is

HovagApelian (1)

@Whippingdot LOL good catch mate. We'll fix that rn.

Whippingdot (561)

british BOI we? r u also working on this proj? @HovagApelian

DaBadWolfz (24)

@Whippingdot Yeah we are new to Replit and did not know about the teams. He is listed in the developers at the top of the page.

HovagApelian (1)

@Whippingdot not British lol I do say mate a lot tho ;) but yes I am working on initOS too. Let us know if you find any other typos or catch any bugs. We're also open to any suggestions!

Whippingdot (561)

koi koi. Also now that you know about teams you can create one, but if you care about cycles you can keep the posts posted under one person. One suggestion is to ping the person who you developed this with. You can ping by typing @ and then the username of the person @HovagApelian

ThanesRavi (6)

{carrots=24, chicken wings=50, initos licenses=50, ps5=0}
ps5 out of stock. Restock as soon as possible.

Nice OS.

SethPeace (3)


> .subtractfrom ps5 1
> .inventory
{chicken wings=50, initos licenses=50, ps5=-1}
ps5 running low. Restock as soon as possible.
HovagApelian (1)

@SethPeace Thanks for catching that! It shall be taken care of.

DaBadWolfz (24)

@SethPeace Just fixed it :) Thanks for catching it!

SethPeace (3)

@DaBadWolfz cool; it works now! But shouldn't it be version 0.0.2 (or 0.0.1a or something) now cuz of the bugfix?