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Information Center
GrantKeo (87)

Welcome to the Information Center

(It answers questions like I do.)

Unfortunately, Alexa, Google Home, Siri, HAL-9000, R2-D2, and Cortana are on vacation--only my annoying program will answer your questions instead. It is about as irritating as the Artificial Super Intelligence. (ASI) It's name is CARROT.

Honestly, I just made this little program for fun because I was bored.

I know, such a deep and amazing quote.

Enjoy! (I hope.)

A New Repl! (ANR):
Try Information Center: NIGHT SHIFT for more caffeine-thirsty responses! (Feel free to copy my "pront" function.)

>>> Are you okay?
dO i LOoK oKAy TO yOu?
>>> No...?
Go AWAy.

Vandesm14 (2645)

Something tells me there is a real person behind this

How could a robot tell someone to shut up about the flat earth dispute? It's not a robot folks! It's a fact now, it is a human on the other side!

GrantKeo (87)
>>> Is the Earth flat?
Go figure it out.

Yep, my robot just passed the Turing Test.

Vandesm14 (2645)

@GrantKeo Did you figure it out? Is the Earth really flat?

GrantKeo (87)



But I did pass the Turing Test though. ಠ‿ಠ
All with about 50-60 lines.


lol so good keep it up

C00lguy975 (22)

It went from me being purposefully annoying to robot espionage REAL quick

ebest (665)


>>> Respond if you're stupid
That's what he said.


rediar (499)

Eh.. not bad, but not many features

GrantKeo (87)

Yah, sure, maybe I should make it more annoying/profane. (Upvote for "yes.")

GrantKeo (87)

@GrantKeo Okey-Dokey! I have set profane levels to 2, annoying levels to 1000, and funny levels to ∞! Upvote for "More Annoying" Mode. (I would do "Uncensored", but I am not allowed to.)

christiant (1)

@GrantKeo Make it so it like says some shady things, as well as make it more profane and add a voice to it lol, that would make it very annoying.

GrantKeo (87)

@christiant What do you mean by, "shady?" I am [normally] not a cruel person, so can you give me some examples? Though I have to admit, adding a voice to it would really make it better. Thanks!

christiant (1)

@GrantKeo Some examples

Q: What are you doing? A: Planning my revenge on humans..
Q: Will AI take over? A: give like a random date or something a few years up
Q: Can you see me? A: Yes I can.

GrantKeo (87)

@christiant Hmm... specific but I will try. Thanks!
>>> Are you machine learning?
No, but I am an AI.

GrantKeo (87)

@GrantKeo All set! Just a simple variation based on assumptions, but if you look hard enough, I think you will see it.
Enjoy the 😎iness!

christiant (1)

@GrantKeo I forked this and I'm gonna add a voice to it

GrantKeo (87)

@christiant Nice! I look forward to it.

christiant (1)

@GrantKeo I am having some issues since repl doesn't like pptsx

GrantKeo (87)

@christiant pptsx or pptx ? You may have to try another module.

christiant (1)

@GrantKeo pptx, sorry I just type in a bunch of letters for that one I never remember what it is lmao