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Im not ChezTacos
ChezCoder (1606)


So basically, there has been a rumor. Don't know who started it. But basically, people are thinking that @ChezTacoz is my alternative account because of both the name, profile picture (idk how), and because all of our repls are either nodejs, python or html............


So please stop :(


thank you.
before i get another moderator warn for alt account abuse :/
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thecoderhtml (24)

I don't think this works it says to everything Hmm... That doesn't seem like a question

DynamicSquid (4893)

Oh that's why I get confused sometimes... I get it now, oops

HahaYes (1861)

Oh so you aren't cheztacos..... huh

VulcanWM (2758)

You spelt his name wrong.

awesome10 (232)

lol i know i was supposesd to ignore the repl but still

firefish (947)

@awesome10 They should be yes or no questions

awesome10 (232)

@johnstev111 yes i know and i know the ender dragon is black but STILL

firefish (947)

@awesome10 Instead of without a doubt it should've said