🚀 Boost || Hosting Simplified

Boost is a new way to host projects (not related to websites. projects like node.js and d.py things) without it shutting down

Similar to UptimeRobot but on Repl!

This method is safe and does not require you to sign in or anything because we want to keep this community safe.

this requires you to use the project's URL. not the "replit.com/@Example/Example#example.js". If you want it to work. Simply remove the # part.. Easy? Right!

It'll tell you what to do once you try it out. this uses webdriver, os, etc. to successfully host your bot/node app.

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If you want to run this, please note this took me a while to simplify. please show the real owner (me) when owning this by inputting print("developed by @TempleOfCode on replit.com")

thanks, goodbye!