DynamicSquid (4897)

I made Pacman!

Enjoy :)

Skip this part if you don't want to hear me go on a rant and just want to play the game.

This will be my last Processing game (well, I'll do Processing in like Gam Jams and stuff, but that's about it). Three reasons:

1) The only reason I did Processing was I wanted to create something with graphics, and Processing was the only thing I knew. But recently I found how to get SFML working with C++ now, so I'm using that.

2) I hate Processing. Processing is written in Java, and I hate Java. But SFML is used with C++, and I'm a C++ guy :)

3) Processing's syntax is "blah". Yes, SFML is way more complicated, but that's why I like it! Processing is just too simple, it doesn't feel right. Here's an example:

// rectangle in Processing
fill(0); // black
stroke(255); // white outline
//   x   y   len  height
rect(50, 50, 200, 100);

// rectangle in C++/SFML
// oh, and don't forget to render the window and set up the game loop!
sf::RactangleShape rect(200, 100);
rect.setPosition(50, 50);

See, C++ uses methods and namespaces and classes and all that good C++ stuff!!

But since doesn't support SFML yet, I'd have to wait before posting stuff here.

I really want to make my own graphics library.... but I'd have to learn OpenGL first - not anytime soon.

And yes, I know, this game isn't the best, it's a little glitchy and stuff, but I tried.

Oh, and I'll be posting this on GitHub, so @johnstev111, that's for you :)

Well, that's it.


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jackou (66)

If you want to get into game development, I recommend Godot. It's like a mix of JavaScript and Python. ;) Anyways, cool Pacman! +1

For web development, I'd stick to p5.js as there aren't a lot of alternatives to responsive WebGL, but that's all I know.