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If I only knew creating a chat was that easy
Coder100 (18874)

Hey everyone! I just made my first chat! It's live and everything! It took me like 10 mins, who knew it was that easy? Have fun and vote up if you say that this chat is fast or you like it.

SpicedSpices (309)

Hey Coder100. This is an amazing chat that is very aesthetically pleasing with the perfect colors and fonts and works really well! It's a really cool chat but I found a bug that I don't think is supposed to be there. I would like to share it with you but I don't know if I should in this chat bc everyone else is here. Otherwise, this chat is really cool good job on making it :)

Coder100 (18874)

Thanks :)
Is the bug with allowing HTML? @SpicedSpices

Coder100 (18874)

I never bothered to change that lol @SpicedSpices

Coder100 (18874)

I made this 1 year ago
its just nostalgia now lol
Would you like me to remake it :p @SpicedSpices

SpicedSpices (309)

@Coder100 lol go ahead if you want to

Coder100 (18874)

lol yes
I'm that bored lol @SpicedSpices

StudentLevi (7)

@Coder100 finished? hell ya im waiting!

ItamarCohen28 (10)

It is also possible to inject SSI to the server