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Idle Clicker
fishers14 (9)

This may look familiar to someone! I absolutely love this game so I am putting it up everywhere


You only have an HTML file. If it is supposed to be a real clicker game then you need to add at least JavaScript. Although if you added only JavaScript it would look bad, so you should add CSS too.

fishers14 (9)

@KENNETHTRIPP Thanks! But can you help since I am new and don't make any mom python programs except this one I tried to edit.


@fishers14 Sorry, I can't help. My school blocked websites :( At least I can still do Python and C#.

Brendan23 (137)

@fishers14 if there's supposed to be buttons you need to correct it. its just text.

IcynDevz (763)

You should put this in share, not ask.

fishers14 (9)

@IcingHackz I definietly will and plz excuse my spelling.