✨ GitHub User Search! - Search all GitHub Users! ✨

GitHub User Search - Search all the GitHub users!

Created using Python3 and git_api, coded by JBYT27.


This project was first an idea for KaJam, however, I got stumped on a problem, so I couldn't submit it in time. So I decided to continue coding it out of the jam! Basically, this is just a clone of @RayhanADev's Replit User Search. The difference is, this retrieves GitHub user data instead :D

Please note that it takes a few times to reload for the correct information to come up. We will try to solve that problem as soon as we can. Thank you!

Using it

All you need to do is enter a GitHub username in the textbox, press the search button, and the data will come up. Feel free to leave suggestions! Thanks!

Open it in a new tab to access it!

Example searches:

How it works

To view how it works, go here to read it.


  • @DillonB07: They helped with testing the project and letting me know about errors
  • @RayhanADev: They gave me the idea of this project
  • @Highwayman: They helped me solve some errors as well
  • @ch1ck3n: They helped style the CSS and better CSS

I'm super sorry for all the pings!


I hope you enjoy using this! To contribute, you can either leave a comment on the Replit Spotlight post, the Replit post, or leave a PR on the GitHub page. Stay well!

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no memory of anything before last thursday intensifies.


LOL, yeah, remember? It was on a ask post, and you helped me understand about like sending requests, POST, etc.

Ooof @Highwayman


Oh yeahhhhh I remember- flask and js, right? Lol. I need…something. Sleep, probably. @JBloves27


Lol yep. Lmaoo, get some good sleep ;) @Highwayman


XD thanks yeah hopefully. @JBloves27


:thumbsup: @Highwayman


lol. 👍 @JBloves27