A social media platform on replit!
ironblockhd (427)


After 1 month and 3519 lines of code i'm finnaly done with ironMedia! It's a full social media platform that runs on replit.


Features includes:


You can use it as a website, but if you're on IOS or windows you can download it here

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HiroEndin (26)

I'd like to become a moderator. Here's my application:

I'd like to become a moderator because the site is amazing, it's so simple to make an account, and it's just awesome.
I've had a lot of experience with moderating. I'm head admin in a Discord server, moderator in a couple of others, and co owner on one.
I treat people the same, even if I don't like them.
My username on it is Hiro. https://ironmedia--ironblockhd.repl.co/profile/Hiro

That's my application. Please get back to me whenever you have decided to accept/decline it. I'll be patient.