PyEditor - Run Python Code!

PyEditor - Run Python Code!


Hello, Replit Community! This is a PyEditor I made (in Python). It's pretty simple, and all you need to do is type in code! I just learned the exec function, so this just came washing down my brain in only about 10 minutes or so. Anyways, hope you enjoy!


I think there is a lot to improve on this.

  • Add colors, to make the design more beautiful
  • Make it a Flask Server (so it also looks more stylish)
  • Add a Python Shell

If I manage to add these things on, I'll tell you!


PyEditor is a easy Python Console editor that you can write and run code on. If you have any questions, be sure to ask it in the questions!

How To Use

You just type in Python code! When you're done, just press enter/return, and it'll run the output!

Note: You'll have to write anything that needs indentation all in one line, or it'll return an Error. (Also implementing on that)


Anyways, good luck and have fun with your PyEditors!

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@IMayBeMe If you are saying my thing is low effort, you can also say that Replit's Python Console is low effort, because I also was inspired and tried to design it like that?