The 16-LINES-OF-JS clicker!
firefish (953)

First things first: me noob at JS.
Secondly: Thanks to @BobTheTomatoPie , @CodingCactus , @DynamicSquid , and @HahaYes for taking a sneak peek!

How to play

Click the Firefish. It may do some funny things like skew everything, but that's for effect. You can't win. It's the infinite clicker, just like AD. (AD is a mobile clicker game I used to play, a.k.a. antimatter dimensions)

16 lines? WOW

It was done by instead of making like 1,000,000,000 near-identical functions, it's one function, except the bits that are different are stored in arrays. Clever, right? Nope. It's Samplu (Joke word for simple, I use it a lot).

Please give me ideas!

As I said, me noob at JS. Please tell me how to make my samplu code even more samplu.


I'm learning right now:


I'm beginning to hate python. Mainly because of it being dynamic typed.

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ChezTacoz (341)

I wonder how long this code can go on for

firefish (953)

@ChezTacoz What, 16 lines if code!