repl db (the official) [DEPRACATED]
Codemonkey51 (1062)


so.. you may have seen the new floppy disk icon and wondered what it was, maybe you looked and fould out, maybe you found it on discord. It looks great but is hard to use atm so i made a python client for it, but it has MORE features than the ones that they tell you how to do (not a module on pypi yet) so... how do you use it? where do you find it? simple answer the github repo the docs are in (deeplink) and the client in (deeplink) enjoy :)

P.S. pr's welcome, same with issues

EDIT: it's a module now import replitdb ENJOY :)

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rediar (524)

I used this, and it works. So thats good, I guess. Oh btw maybe make this into seperate package, or if mat lets you merge with replit pypi package

Codemonkey51 (1062)

@rediar i will and the team said they may add it but want to see what others make.

Codemonkey51 (1062)

@rediar import replitdb (Package now)