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I think I made STRESS
DynamicSquid (5016)

This game is really stressful.


  1. You are the red block. Use WASD to move around. You cannot go through walls (black tiles).
  2. The two gray bugs will chase you. If they catch you, you lose. They also can not go through walls.
  3. Press space to break the wall in front of you.
  4. Walls will randomly move around.
  5. A coin will randomly spawn in the grid. Collect it to gain a point. Sometimes, a wall will move onto a coin. In that case, break the wall to get the coin.
  6. Walls will spawn faster, and the bugs will move faster as the game goes on.

Oh, and make sure to press space to break the wall in front of you. That is very important for survival.


The recent developer Spotlight hosted by @TheDrone7 featured @AdCharity, and in his quote said:

I will find you and put a cockroach on your bed

So I made it into a game.

Now why "bugs" instead of cockroaches? Because "cockroach" is a long word to spell.


My highscore for coins collected was 18. Beat that.

Also, this took around 2/3 hours to make, and I did this all in one sitting. That's also a reason why my code's so messy. I'm going to take a break now.

Oh, and if you want to learn how to make a simple pathfinding algorithm like seen in the game, let me know in the comments.

AND NO! Before you write your comments about "why don't you include an HTML tag Squid?" NOOO!, this is NOT an HTML game, this is a Processing/Java game. READ the source code, and STOP asking me!!!


650 CYCLES! Thanks so much guys! At the start of this week, I had only 500 cycles, and now I'm on my way to 700 cycles!!! So thanks to all who upvoted my stuff! Oh, and my 600 cycle (well, I was doing a 500, but you I progressed faster than I thought) special is coming out on Friday Saturday (hopefully), so stay tuned for that!


Enjoy, and good luck!

DynamicSquid (5016)

@ChezCoder damn....

also, fixed the thing so you can't spam space anymore

ChezCoder (1606)

umm.... I think the bugs bugged your game...

DynamicSquid (5016)

@ChezCoder okay, I think I fixed it so you can't spam space anymore


This is cool! :)


it is hard!

DynamicSquid (5016)

@Codemonkey51 thanks! don't forget to upvote :)

Markpg (3)

i really like it!

DynamicSquid (5016)

@Markpg thanks! care to upvote?

firefish (953)

@DynamicSquid I was just ppointing out

Aqtion (223)

i's got 11 ha ha ha

DynamicSquid (5016)

@kbadrinath_tcsp oh wow! well done! you deserve an upvote!

AdCharity (1325)

I will find a cockroach now

Barry123 (350)

This game is really STRESS. My high score is 5

BobTheTomatoPie (3362)

I love it, it's very fun. I got stuck in a wall and lasted 87 seconds

HahaYes (1868)

I would consider this anxiety imo

VulcanWM (2874)

Can I use this in my website?

ColinKingsley (0)

Fun but (unless you intended it as such) if you hold down on the space bar the whole map blacks out. Make it so that the player has to be going the right direction and pressing space for a wall to break and a new wall to be added.

DynamicSquid (5016)

@ColinKingsley okay, I think I fixed it. you can only use space every couple seconds, so hopefully it'll prevent spamming