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I quit
Snowytrack (195)

I have been posting repls for months now, and it has gotten little to no attention. Nobody seems to like my repls, and no one even tries them.

So I am going to take a little break from because the odds are not in my favor.

So I am done. I quit

Maybe I'll come back later, but until then, it is goodbye. This website means a lot to me, and I have fond memories of coding with it. However, my time has come.

If you wanna see what I am doing, check out my YouTube channel. You really don't have to though.

My crap YouTube

Bookie0 (5957)


maybe you're not getting all the attention you want because not much people look at the new for the share board, mostly because it is clotted with spam.

also, maybe your repls you make arnt really appealing/interesting to people? maybe thats why they dont want to come see them? try looking at the hot on the share board, and see what kind of repls people like; maybe games, animations, or something else.

dont worry if your projects dont get much noticed; if youre happy with what you've done, then thats all that counts lol.

finally, you dont have to completly quit, maybe just continue coding without posting. or why not just go around the website, commenting, answer question and helping people, and becoming a bit more active? you could also join our discord: and share your repls in the appropriate channel.

anyways, thanks for reading my ted talk xDD

MauriceLam (9)

@Bookie0 yeah. there is too much spamming in the new share board - i just shared my first repl and i checked the sharing board, and already saw few spam posts.