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I made a little (and Easy) maze game in javascript
Zombs76 (19)

This is the first game i made.
I have nothing more to say.

savageking65200 (3)

Cool! if it isnt too hard, you should tr to make a level editor!

CodeMaster007 (108)

Wow! This is amazing for your first game!

pizzaharald (8)

your future looks bright

Zombs76 (19)

@WilliamXing add a new array in Maps

EyekneeBerri24 (6)

@Zombs76 This is really cool for a first game!
(Not like I've ever made one I'm just starting out ;-;)

KaydenKulp (6)

You gotta tell me how to do this

TriDucT (12)

epic for a begginer man

Whippingdot (657)

Soo laggy but AWESOME! How did you do this

EyekneeBerri24 (6)

@Whippingdot it isn't laggy, you're wrong about that part. But you're completely right about it being AWESOME!!
For real, this is epic!

Atolite (5)

try procedural maze generation

PYTHORE3605 (140)

Nice I like the color change. if you wanted to continue with this game maybe make the html page have more stuff.