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I made a 🐍Snake AI 💻
DynamicSquid (5023)

[ currently broken :D ]


I made Snake. You can control it using WASD, or the arrow keys. Eat the red apples, and don't crash into the walls or yourself!


When you press space, it uh... helps you out a little :)


TimothyClark222 (24)

the AI doesn't work and I think you should be able to hit space again to toggle the AI

DynamicSquid (5023)

@FrancisPan ik, it's 6 months old and I probably accidentally tampered with it

LegendaryWolf (574)

@InvincibleOne is gonna defeat you bu upvotes! do something!

InvisibleOne (3200)

Really he should be getting more upvotes, this project is way cooler than mine @LegendaryAlpha

KFste (3)

aye, I remember you! also I love it

phantomlord45 (2)

"press space for a little help " meanwhile me getting 1000 scores by doing nothing

CatR3kd (568)

Hey @DynamicSquid do you know js? We're trying to write an AI chatbot and I thought of this post

AndrewWingfield (2)

I like it! I've always wanted to make/see a snake bot. The only problem is, (the first time I tried it) your bot died. Otherwise, a great game!

beginner10coder (12)

I don't understand? All it is a blank black screen?

Kookiez (406)

@beginner10coder wdym? it should look something like this:

beginner10coder (12)

It doesn’t look like that @Kookiez

Jakman (451)

Your power is increasing. I feel it.


I actually made an account on my first day on repl and named dynamic pigeon but on the exact week i saw ur username and in a total of 2.9189 seconds i deleted that account thanks to u my name is nickname is ChickenWithATopHat ( well in other places ) and i love the name also this is a Noice game

cousc7384 (0)

i was playing this and i would randomly die. i wouldn't hit the wall or my snake

sojs (352)

Impressive! Never seen Java implemented into HTML before.

RedPandaCode (25)

What kind of AI is it? Edit- I noticed that the snake ran into itself after a while. I was wondering if you made a parameter that set that


It went for an apple and decided to just jump into the wall lol, idk how someone could make this sort of thing though with how complex it is :P

potatostomatos (302)

Ahhh what happened ;-;



@DynamicSquid btw sorry for trash talking your game, my friend hacked my acc and did it xD

RoseVincent (0)

WOW! That was great...

RoseVincent (0)

WOW! That was great...