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Get your weather in your terminal!!! (safely as well)

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Get Your Weather In Your Terminal

First off, where have you been???

Ok, our school was finally in person and I had not been in school for a while and thus I had not coded in a fat 4 months. I finally decided to come back but this time I've got more projects in the pipeline.

Why did you make this project??

The goal of this project was to make a safe way to get local weather data, because websites can be annoying such as making us remove ad blockers, and even steal our personal data, which in my opinion is a very big deal.

Therefore, I made it so you input your latitude and longitude (doesn't even need to be exactly yours), and better yet is that none of this data is stored, but in upcoming versions of my console stuff, every bit of data stored will be local, and will be safe for you to use!.

Upcoming changes/Ideas

  • Make city name an option to get weather, less specific but still just as accurate

  • Add more commands and features that will make switching to a console even worth it in the first place

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I love how nobody reads the description and goes right for the code