Welcome Style.css

Say hello to style.css! Style.css is a style good for your website! Here’s is more about it:

It has lots of features such as:

  • Good Background Color
  • Navigation Bar Styles (use the <nav> Tag)
  • Very Good Styled Buttons!
  • Text, Buttons, and Text Links are the most styled elements!
  • Updates w/ new features!
  • Notes, Forms, & File Uploading!

(Some of the features are inspired by ch1ck3n!)
This is Work In Progress. I will finish it in 2 days! Saturday June 21st, 2021 3:15pm PST
Make sure to refresh you page on here at that time!
Enjoy The Current Styles!
(I’m also hiring btw)

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I like your docs
On Firefox:

On Edge:


@CoolCoderSJ Thx its still W.I.P but thx. The HEX for the color is: #2B4B4B if you like the color.