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CashPipe | Bitcoin payment channels
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This is a simplified Bitcoin Lightning Network simulator. I created this because I've been interested in Bitcoin for a long time and the latest Lightning Network payment channel developments are so much fun to think about. How cash itself is a peer to peer value exchange etc..

You can try my game by using W,A,S,D keys to go over other nodes and setting up channels (you can only setup a new channel if you have at least 10 balance.

Your score will increase as channels process payments randomly back and forth.

Currently the timer is set to 60 seconds but I'm thinking about increasing it or making it extendible somehow. All feedback and ideas are welcome.

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I like the interface, but I don't think I understand how the Lightning Network works - any chance poor ignorant folks like me can get some education? :c

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@timmy_i_chen :) sure. There are lots of resources both websites and youtube videos but I'll summarize here real quick:
Lightning Network is a Layer 2 solution on top of Bitcoin's blockchain, made up of point-to-point payment channels.

When you want to send some bitcoin to someone you have 2 options:
1- Regular bitcoin blockchain way: You sign a transaction with your private key and destination address and broadcast it to the whole world and thousands of nodes write/confirm it on their disks.
2- You send it to a Lightning Node that you have a channel with, and that node forwards it to another node they have channel with and so on until your target is destination is reached and bitcoin delivered.

This ensures blockchain is not bloated with every tiny 5 cent transaction and your transactions are private and not on a public ledger. And it's all the same because when you these "payment channels" are closed, they are tallied up and written to the blockchain once, instead of hundreds of times for those hundreds of tiny back/forth payments.

That's as short as I could make it. I hope it was helpful ;)

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